Student Faces Deportation to China after Call!

The case of Zhai Tiantian is getting complicated day by day. He made a call to the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken. It was the horrible day of April 15. On this day the man completely lost his temper and his phone calls were regarded as making “terrorist threats.” On the contrary, his intentions were just to solve a dispute but the overall issue was regarded as a serious call of terrorist threat, which lead to him facing several charges.

Additionally, he was order to send 11 weeks since then in the Hudson County Correctional Center in Kearny, N.J and there are all the chances that he would be facing deportation to his country of origin sooner or later.

This episode clearly shows as to how a minimum misunderstanding can ruin the whole case and allow a person to be deported to the country of origin. The case has outraged the local media in China. In addition to this, the New York officials are appealed by the Chinese diplomats to assist Mr. Zhai and fight the charges inculcated upon him.

Ofcourse, Mr. Zhai is extremely angered over this whole issue and stated in anger that he would burn the whole building down. He went on to clear that he did use some inflammatory language, but his talks involved metaphors, in order to elaborate about the lawsuit he intended to file against the university as far as his suspicion is concerned. He, on the contrary, never had intentions of torching the building.

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