Foreign Passport Holders Barred From Representing India in Sports!

The Delhi High Court has recently announced that People of Indian Origin (PIO) as well as those who are the Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) don’t have the freedom to symbolize India in sports events which would be held at the international arena. Adding to this statement, it said that these players own their alliance to their adopted nations. This all happened, when the court rejected the appeal of two PIO spokespersons who were intending to symbolize Indian in some of the sports competitions.

Karm Kumar, who holds the British passport, challenged this decision to bar the overseas passport holders to represent India in international events. US-based player Robert Blanchette also did the same and went against this decision of court.

Justice S Muralidhar further commented that as long as the dual citizenship of the applicant is not confirmed by the government, overseas passport holders don’t have the right/freedom to represent India in any of the sports events held at the international level.

The court said that the facet of dual citizenship should be acknowledged in all the aspects, otherwise no foreign passport holder would be granted the right to represent Indian in global sporting events.

In addition, the justification to this point that only Indian passport holders should be granted the right to represent their country is that overseas passport holders hold their loyalty towards their country.

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