New Migration Influx by ABS!

According to the figures of the International Passenger Movement, rate of immigration to Australia has fallen greatly. The annual trend is around 174,000 by the middle of this year. This number is only a bit more than the half of what was earlier recorded peak rate was in 2008.

These statistics have been brought out by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). It projected that there were 605,140 long term arrivals which consisted of Australian residents coming back after residing overseas for more than 12 months. Others include foreign migrants coming to the nation as permanent residents or for a residence of more than a year.

In the last one year, it was also noticed that the long-term departures were about 362,050. These consisted of people who were residents and have left the nation to live overseas for more than a year. This also includes temporary visitors. Data for 2009 shows that the movement of passengers was exaggerated for net immigration to Australia by more than 2000 a month. Also, when it comes to the figures pertaining to travel, they tend to changed and are not adjusted on a seasonal basis. So, only estimations could be made.

Details regarding the above figures and its estimations were also reported by the ABS. Above all, the figures seem to adhere that the growth in population which was used for the estimations in the recent labor forces is strong comparatively. This has led to a growth in jobs which are again exaggerated by quite a margin.

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