Inquiry into Immigration Asked for!

A group of Republican lawmakers are calling for the Congress to look into the issue of immigration. This has come after constant requests to seek answers which all went futile. This group consists of the seven GOP Senators who are on the Judicial Committee. They have written to the Sen. Patrick Leahy, the Chairman for the panel requesting him to call a hearing in order to question the present government authorities regarding the new draft on immigration.

It is being said that this draft was written about four months back by four staff members and legal counsel working for the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). According to an official from the Department of Homeland Security, this document is only a draft memo and cannot be considered as being an administrative policy itself.  With this, the authors of the document also said that they were not urging for a Non-Legislative version of the Amnesty. They have suggested some administrative relief options in the absence of congressional action for reforms pertaining to immigration. This is to decrease the risks attached to a few specific individuals present in the United States as undocumented migrants. It also states that benefits could be availed from the USCIS for such individuals.

With so many debates and issues hanging around immigration and issues related to it, it is time for the Obama administration to take measures before more states start issuing laws similar to those of Arizona. This would simply mean immigration not gelling with the government of the nation. More so, immigrants would develop that fear and might start leaving the nation. Here, it has to be remembered these immigrants are important to contribute to the nation and its economy. They have been partly responsible for the development of the nation. Thus, concrete actions have to be taken.

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