Foreign workers in Great Demand in Denmark!

High level of immigration is creating problems in many countries like US and UK while it is beneficial for other countries. Immigration of talented and creative entrepreneurs from foreign countries adds to the economy of the country where they migrate. Many developed countries are growing economically because of foreign talent coming into their countries. So, those countries where the population of youth is less, they greatly need foreign youths as immigrants and so encourage immigration in their countries.

Recently, a prestigious institute has claimed that Denmark must start attracting foreigners from outside Nordic region to become a part of Denmark labor force. Today the country is going through extreme scarcity of young people in its population needing minimum 100,000 overseas employees in the next eight years. This is extremely important if Denmark wanted to maintain its reputation in the competitive market of world.

Denmark can no more depend upon its usual homeland workers and it has to depend on foreign workers. There are many countries like Poland, Germany and Sweden which is facing the same problem as Denmark is facing as there are less young people and more elders. They have to focus on those countries where the student’s level of education and intelligence is high but there is limited scope of job opportunities over there. In such situation, there is a good scope of students and workers who would want to migrate to Denmark for better opportunities.

Recent survey has revealed that Denmark is in great need of highly qualified employees especially in the field of bio technology and information technology. Denmark has issued more work permits to foreigners since 2004 with thirty six thousand work permits issued last year only.

Denmark is largely dependent upon outside workers and it is better if they ready themselves both legally and mentally. Immigration of Denmark is about to modify its policies to allow smooth flow of immigrants into the country.

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