No Prospect of Cap on Migrant Workers: New Zealand!

While the United Kingdom is considering imposing limit on the number of migrant workers (although outside the non-European Union nations) coming to Britain, New Zealand is in no mood to take up any such step concerning the overseas migrants. The country’s Immigration Minister has confirmed that the Kiwi land is not going to put a cap on migrant workers in the near future.

Unlike Britain, which is soon going to have an interim cap on the non-European Union migrant workers, before the permanent cap is imposed on the overseas migrants in 2011; New Zealand is not in favor of having such a cap, since overseas migrants bring skills to the country, thereby helping its economy to grow, says the country’s Immigration Minister, Jonathan Coleman. New Zealand cannot take up such a step to block the overseas people with skills that it needs (which it lacks within the country, permanently) from immigrating, because they are instrumental in shaping the economy of the country.

The minister is, however, unaware of the changes taking place in Britain on the immigration front, therefore, he is not sure how the implementation of a cap on migrant workers would affect people in New Zealand who intend to immigrate to the United Kingdom and work there. As per the temporary cap on outside European Union migrants, the UK is likely to allow only 24,000 migrant workers to enter the nation until April 2011.

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