Foreigners Deported for Gaining Employment on Visit Visas!

Colombo: According to reports, Immigration and Emigration Department of Sri Lanka has confirmed that more than six hundred overseas applicants have faced deportation this year for the motto of getting job opportunities in the nation after landing on Visit Visas.

It has been officially affirmed by a spokesperson from the Department that a majority of these overseas applicants come from Indian states, while others coming from different parts of the world, including China, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Some of them came for the purpose of touring the nation and ended up getting employment in various fields, hence staying back in the nation on Visit Visas.

Statistics say that the past three months alone has seen the deportation of some three hundred overseas applicants in the same manner. The report says that a majority of them have been involved in various employments including jobs in restaurants and other jewelry industries.

The deportation came into existence when it was found that these overseas applicants were working on their visit visas, which is purely meant for a temporary stay and does not gives the applicant the permission to gain employment in the country.

Nothing has been official yet, but speculations are that some of these overseas applicants were living on expired visas and staying in an undocumented manner, only to face deportation in the end. To avoid such havocs, it is suggested that one should take the path of legal immigration. Consult for more info.

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