College Director Concerned over Amendments in Australian Visa!

SYDNEY: Natasha Mayrseidl, Director of Kelly Colleges, in her recent statements, have said that the recent amendments in the visa rules of Australia would have a big blow on the country’s overseas education export sector.

The warning came shortly after certain changes were announced by Australian Immigration Minister Senator Chris Bowen in the Migration Regulations Act 1994 that caters to the courses offered for Study Visa under a diverse range of categories.

As far as the notice is concerned, holders of higher education diplomas or people having advanced diplomas delivered by some providers would be granted with special considerations to be moved to a better visa subclass, which would be more favorable to them.

As a result of this amendment, those having the qualification of advanced diplomas would be provided with preferential treatment if the same comparison is done with those applicants who have their registration under the Australian Quality Training Framework.

Study experts believe that these amendments would create a sense of an inequitable situation, hence creating a not-so favored ambiance for applicants. Small competitors would surely face an unfair situation while some big entities would get all the added advantage. This is one of the greatest causes of concern for industry owners.

This move would further destroy Aussie’s image as a prospective destination to study and may lead to the closure of a majority of business flourishing in Australia.

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