New Immigration Act in New Zealand!

The New Zealand government would finally be implementing its new Immigration Act this week. According to Jonathan Coleman, the Immigration Minister for New Zealand, the new act would aid in improving the immigration system and its efficiency by sharpening some of the key processes. This legislation can be considered as being of the 21st century which caters to the changing trends in immigration but would encourage more students, skilled migrants, visitors as well as new residents that the nation would need so as to further develop its own economy.

The minister also said that this act would cater to further simplification when it comes to trans-Tasman travel which includes offshore process for New Zealand immigration. Some of the key provisions which have been amended include the following:

  • A visa system which is universal in nature which means that categories of permits and exemptions would be waived off completely.
  • Criteria for visitor and family residence would be made stronger. With this, there would be new opportunities for sponsorship when it comes to government agencies as well as private organizations.
  • A more systematic process for deportation of those people who have either breached the law or have overstayed their visas.
  • Stricter rules for employers to make sure that all the future employees legally acquire the status to work in New Zealand. At the same time, to cater to all the employers regarding quick checks which are easy and continue to retain their privacy protections.
  • A new body for the Immigration and Protection Tribunal which would be administered by the Ministry of Justice that would replace the earlier four appeal bodies.
  • There would be new provisions which would cater to potential abuses of the refugee asylum process in New Zealand.

The following changes would be brought in at a later stage:

  • Introduction of a new interim visa in the beginning of next year which would permit foreigners to reside while their application for temporary visa is awaiting a decision.
  • Biometric systems to be implemented which include iris scans to identify foreign nationals, ability of sharing information with governmental agencies both nationally and internationally.
  • Amends in the detaining procedure for people who are considered a threat to New Zealand.

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