The demerits of the European Union immigration law!

Europe has been the hub for the migration of many skilled workers around the globe. This might be a good thing for Europe, but this has caused brain drain in many third world countries, especially Africa. The professionals move from their native country to the countries of the west in search of lucrative employment offers. The professionals do so for making more money as well as enjoy a secure and better working environment. This brain drain by no means can benefit the economy of the home country. So some experts cite that some percentage of the money made immigrant workers in the western countries should be sent to the home country.

There should be a way by which professionals could migrate to Europe only to sharpen their skills. Such professionals could be an asset to their home country. This may be also called as the circular immigration. In such a situation every individual involved will positively benefit.

Currently even Europe is loosing some of its best professionals to US. The benefits offered by Green Card somehow seem more appealing even to European skilled workers and specialists. The Blue Card has too many rules and regulations in the migration policy, which can affect the decision of many possible migrants. The rules and conditions laid down to migrate into this continent seem overwhelming to some. These rules are somehow too restrictive. Even the slightest changes or even modification of the current laws laid down in the Blue Card specifications can help to establish Europe as an attractive immigration destination. It may be noted that even the initial 2 years of holding the Blue Card does not offer much credibility to the professionals or specialists. The initial 2 year benefits of the card are quite insignificant. This by no means can influence integration.

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