104 migrants arrested in Mexico, 2 Indians!

MEXICO CITY: 104 undocumented migrants from various parts of the world including from Central America, Ecuador and India have been taken into custody by the Immigration authorities of Mexico. They were caught at the time when they were making illegal entry into southern Oaxaca State.

According to the National Migration Institute, it has been confirmed that 104 people have been captured by the Federal agents, out of whom 15 are women and three are male minors. It further confirmed that inclusion of 90 Guatemalans, Salvadorans which are 9 in number, and 2 people from India. The group also includes one person each from Honduras, Nicaragua and Ecuador.

Statistics from the National Human Rights Commission state that half a million undocumented people enter Mexico premises every annum while they make their way towards the United States. At the same time, a lot of migrants fall victim to crime related activities. Some of them are abducted or kidnapped for a heavy amount.

Reports say that it was in the month of August when bodies of seventy two people were founds on a ranch located in northern Nuevo Laredo state. These people faced execution after they were kidnapped by a racket involved in drug scandal but refused to collaborate with their ranks.

To avoid such hassles, prospective applicants are advised to take the legal route towards immigrating any country.

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