Navy Intercepts Three Asylum Seekers Boats!

Western Australia: The navy has caught three boats carrying almost hundred alleged asylum seekers in the past twenty four hours at Ashmore Reef.

Brendan O’Connor, who is the Home Affairs Minister, has confirmed that these people have been taken to Christmas Island for further investigations, which include their health check ups, security facets and identity proofs, to name a few.

Scott Morrison, who is the spokesman for opposition immigration, stated that the current numbers of boat people would only enhance the pressure on the Federal Government’s position as far as the detention of asylum seekers is concerned.

Morrison went on to blame the failed Labor implications and policies (which probably allow the number of thousands of asylum seekers to enter the nation and wait for their endless detention.)

He also said that facets like self harm and riots would only come back to our detention network, after the failed policies of the Labor. Also, three years ago, one could easily count the quantity of people coming through sea route and facing detention. Morrison confirmed that it was the legacy of the Coalition’s policies which barred the inflow of boat people.

The rise of boat people coming day after day in Australia, that too in heavy margins, has created havoc for the current government. The opposition has got a perfect excuse to criticize the government on this basis.

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