Plenty of Immigrants Failing Citizenship Test!

Canada: If statistics are to be believed, more and more number of new immigrants is failing the new version of Citizenship test which came into existence in the month of last March.

The Canadian Press has confirmed that the failure rate was close to thirty percent when this new version was introduced for the new applicants. At present, this rate has fallen down to twenty per cent, after some rules saw a relation in them. But the percent is still at its worse if a sheer comparison is done with the failure rate which existed under the old regulations and previous test. Reports say that earlier the pass-fail rate fell some where in between four to eight per cent.

Immigration experts are blaming the stringent Citizenship test which is gradually becoming a tough nut to crack by a majority of new comers to intend to come to Canada. But some people also believe that making the test stringent would allow the entry of only highly skilled and apt people to enter the country rather than those who enter on fake or undocumented status.

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada says that the previous test was too easy. The new test has the motto of preparing the new immigrants for citizenship in a better way.

As a result, more and more number are failing to pass this test, courtesy the stringent standards set by the immigration authorities, hence making it tough for the applicants to enter the country.

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