Former Refugee Judge in Canada Sentenced for 18 Months!

As per news reports, Steve Ellis who is the former judge for immigration and city councilor has been imprisoned for eighteen months. He was found guilty of breaching the trust and was involved in bribery in April. He was charged in 2006 for a proposing a refugee claimant from South Korea for sex in return for approval. The refugee then filed the issue with the police. Ellis apologized and said that he is ashamed for his actions during a statement he made in the court.

During the sentence being announced, his psychiatrist evidenced that the former judge had suffered from a bipolar disorder which tends to lead to an error in judgment. According to the judge in the court, Ellis has violated the trust that was placed upon him. More so, his actions would surely weaken the confidence that the public places in the system of immigration.

The above instance clearly projects the progress that has taken place when it comes to the protection of rights of refugee claimants. It is important to maintain the rules and regulations especially when it comes to the refugee claimants. More so, their rights should be respected. This clearly portrays that more needs to be done to ensure that such instances do not take place in the future.

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