Key Provisions in Arizona Immigration Law Blocked by Judge!

The new immigration law on immigration in Arizona which has been said to encourage racial profiling and criminalizing immigration now has many parts blocked by a US judge. This was done in last minute prior to being put into effect. This law is internationally known as the Arizona Immigration Law but is locally called as the SB 1070 or the Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act.

The law was originally proposed to bestow the police authorities to stop people in Arizona on suspicion and ask for proof incase they are immigrants. However, the judge in the United States blocked some of the major provisions which include:

  • The police authorities are permitted to verify the immigration status of a person who is detained or arrested without a warrant and mere on suspicious grounds.
  • All immigrants residing in Arizona would have to carry their status proof at all times. More so, it would be illegal if they are found to be searching for job opportunities without a status.

The latter provision is mainly targeted towards the laborers and tradespeople. These people are known to assemble outside the stores such as those of Home Depot etc. These stores are generally looking for workforce to help with the projects related to construction. These immigrants can in turn earn some money.

With these changes being brought about by the Judge, Jan Brewer, the Governor of Arizona said that she would file an appeal to reinforce the law as it was originally proposed.

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