France’s Sarkozy Speaks on Tax Reforms!

Nicolas Sarkozy, the President of France recently said in one of his statements that this reshuffled government would look for tax reform and maintain a strict control over the aspect of undocumented immigration.

He went on to say that the country would act in a competitive manner, further defending the regulation to rise the age for retirement. He also commented on the aspect of tax reforms; push the proposal of taxing financial transactions to support aid for deprived nations.

Although there was no mention about the debt situation of Europe of current tensions going on around Ireland, but major talks focused on the aspects of tax reforms, majorly indebted banks and measures to cut down the funding costs.

His other concerns are on the illegal immigration facets which are surrounding the nation in a major way. He went on to say that the facets of removing the illegal camps in the nation that are getting whole amount of condemnation from both the Vatican as well as the European Union’s executive branch, had been augmented by various media groups in France.

Also, not any specific ethnic group was targeted.

Sarkozy, has made the immigration rules of France comparatively rigid and stringent. He has also stated that he would cut down the aspect of undocumented immigration and illegal immigrants living in the nation in spite of the chaos in Europe on the aspect of his removal of Roma migrants, which happened in the beginning of this annum.

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