Illegal immigrants quite a burden on the American bank!

America is facing a lot of unemployment; the American citizens are also concerned over the expenditure by the government, which has only served to raise the taxes. There is no policy meant to stop the current expenditure. This time has been quite harsh for American households. They are resorting to various methods to increase the average income.

The US job market is facing a tight situation and as the government continues in debt, it was found that in Mexico the cash sent from US amounted to $ 1.95 billion! This has risen by 9% from last year.

Remittance of $22 million has been forecasted by a financial company based in Mexico. It is placed in the second position for making good revenue in the crude oil business. It is not just the illegal immigrants but the people who have migrated to US for work, who send the money back home. This has definitely put a strain on the national economy. The nation of Mexico survives on such remittance.

This is not only a loss of circulation of valuable dollars in the nation but also sharing the benefits of the taxes to the ones not even contributing to them!

According to The Federation for American Immigration Reform the amount spent on the education of the illegal is estimated at $52 billion annually. The state of Texas alone has an expenditure of $16.4 billion in this regard.

The amount of the USA born children of illegal immigrants is not well known, because many of them have been deemed as American citizens. This issue of birth right citizenship is yet to be addressed. The amount spent on this class of citizens is not known.

It has been reported that approximately 8% of the births in US are from illegal mothers. The health care of the illegal mothers in Texas alone amounted to $100 million. According to the Texas justice department the amount spent on foreign prisoners amounted to $ 171 million annually.

American bank is too pressurized by the demands of illegal immigrants.

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