Illegal Drug Tunnels between San Diego and Mexico!

It is being suspected that the warehouses in the Otay Mesa industrial area in San Diego are catering to cross-border tunnels. These tunnels are being used from Tijuana for smuggling drugs into Mexico. The main reason for suspicion is that people are coming and leaving at odd hours, jackhammers are being used and the tenants pay the rent in the form of cash.

Last month, two major underground tunnels were discovered which were hardly two blocks away from the busiest cargo border crossings in the nation. Each warehouse is now being checked by the federal authorities.

An agent from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement visited two of the offices and questioned the managers. The authorities intend to know more about the 12,000 businesses which operate from this place. The discovered tunnels were almost two thousand feet long and had rail, cars, lighting as well as systems for ventilation. As per the officials, these have done by the most-wanted drug lord in the country Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. These discoveries led to the largest seizures of marijuana in the US.

The last passage discovered ran between San Diego and Tijuana warehouses and led to 30 tons seizure from both ends of the border. Another tunnel was found which led to the seizure of another 20 tons on both ends again.

The outlets of these tunnels were in the middle of crowded office parks. They were hardly 800 feet away from each other. After finding out about these tunnels, all the neighbors admitted that they had clearly missed out on the symptoms of something unusual happening around.

A neighbor clearly remembered hearing voiced across the walls at night. However, she could rarely spot any soul in the day. The front doors of these warehouses were spray-painted so that no one could enter or peep inside. Above all, this seems to be a bigger racket than what it seems to be even now.

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