Freely Explore Schengen States via Lithuania Immigration!

Lithuania is one of the three Baltic States. Officially the country is known as the Republic of Lithuania. It is situated in the Northern Europe. The recent trend has seen a growing interest of people globally to immigrate to the Baltic state.

The main reason why the country is drawing migrants is that it offers relatively cheap, easy, and fast entrance to the European Union (EU), free movement across the Schengen countries, and the usage all services and facilities of European countries.

One can gain residence permit, via Lithuania immigration, by either by setting up a company or making an investment in the country. Although for immigration to the beautiful Lithuania there are many valid options available, “EU Blue Cards” is one of the finest option.
It is a form of temporary residence permit meant for qualified professionals from the non-EU/non-EEA countries. It is an all-inclusive temporary residency and work permit includes applicant’s family members as well. The category entertains third-country nationals, who have obtained a higher education diploma, and are contracted for more than double the average gross monthly salary in the Baltic nation.

Temporary Residence Permit through business immigration it is the easiest way to acquire a residence permit. Post approval, a one-year residence permit is granted with a possibility of extension and a permanent residence in future.

Lithuania Residence Permit: Key Advantages

  • Immigrants have the right to enter without any extra visa and travel freely in all Schengen States without any time limit.
  • Immigrants have the right to work in the country and become a company-owner.
  • Immigrants are offered the right to purchase and register a vehicle in the EU.
  • They have the right to acquire realty in the country.
  • They receive the same social benefits as the citizens of the nation, excluding the right to vote in the elections.

Permanent Residence (PR) Permit is the highest prize offered to immigrants. The prize holder gets almost all rights given to any Lithuanian born native. Initially, a PR Permit is offered for a five-year. It can be replaced after the lapse of fixed term.

Lithuania PR Permit: Key Advantages

  • Immigrants get a Lithuanian citizenship and national passport.
  • They are permitted Visa Free travel within nations that fall under EU and Schengen Zone.
  • Immigrants are not required to get additional visas to travel to various nations, like USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
  • They are permitted to reside, work, study, do business, invest and even buy property in any nation that fall under EU or the Schengen Zone.
  • They have the right to cast vote. They are also entitled to join the national police force/Army.
  • They have the right to get the Lithuanian identity card.

The dream destination is one of the most sought after immigration destinations and much known for its hospitality and historical monuments. If your choice of immigration is Lithuania, then your choice is perfectly perfect. Migrant-friendly Lithuania is more than welcome to give you a warm welcome.

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