L-1B Permit Procedure Excessively Subjective, Claims US Immigration

As per a report from the concerned US department, the US immigration personnel find it rather tough to find-out if the aspirants for L-1B Permits really have expert knowledge. For those not tuned in, the L1 Permits are basically intra-firm transfer visas even as these enable global organizations to move a member of staff–who has worked for them for not less than 1 year during the previous 3 years–to get professionally involved in the US from its operations in another place.

Two different kinds of L1 visas are up for grabs, namely, L1-A Permits for managers & executives, and L1-B Permits for the workers having ‘specialized knowledge’. For the past couple of years, several global groups have protested that it has become tricky to get L-1B Permits irrespective of the truth that there have been no improvements in the laws. Detractors of the arrangement claim that the same ought to denote that the test for ‘specialized knowledge’ ought to be applied in a different manner.

At the present, the report in question may have found why; the USCIS workers have protested that the test for ‘specialized knowledge’ is exceptionally prejudiced. Several observers allegedly believe that since the US immigration employees are under pressure to reject visa petitions, they are finding that aspirants lack specialized knowledge when they undoubtedly do.

The report claims that employing a simple test the USCIS adjudicators appraise whether a candidate has ‘specialized knowledge’. Without a doubt, since there are not any hard and fast laws about what is, & what’s not, specialized knowledge, decisions regarding the same are bound to be enormously subjective, and will be different depending on which USCIS Permit official is going through the submission.

For some time many global firms have been grumbling about the alleged discrepancy in the USCIS decision-making process. For example, way back during 2012, the well-known international firm Oracle protested that more of its submissions for L-1B Permits were being rejected even while there was no method of forecasting which petitions would eventually make the cut.

A concerned person from Oracle reportedly informed the media in 2012 that earlier hardly any L-1B submission was dismissed, but now-a-days the situation is different. The USCIS personnel don’t appear skilled to sit in judgment & evaluate what could allegedly be the right resource to do a work, and/or deliver a venture.

As if to drive the message home, he spoke about an Oracle worker who had allegedly failed the test for ‘specialized knowledge’ despite the fact that he had authored the manual for a computer program that Oracle was keen to get him professionally involved with in the US. Echoing somewhat similar sentiments, another concerned person stated that the test will differ to a great extent depending on which permit official is handling the case.

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