French Language Proficiency- An Added Advantage for Quebec Skilled Migration

French Language Proficiency- An Added Advantage for Quebec Skilled Migration

Do you know that learning French can instantly boost your chances for Quebec immigration? Yes, it does. Canada is home to the second-largest French-speaking population in the world. And choosing Quebec as your immigration destination means living and working in a French-speaking society.  French is the official language of Quebec. Therefore, you must use this language regularly to settle in Quebec Province.

French speakers have immense opportunities and scope to live and work in Quebec. The province gives tremendous importance to French speakers who wish to immigrate to Quebec permanently. Moreover, there are distinct immigration streams for French speakers, as the section has set a goal for 96% of economic immigrants to speak French by 2026.

Significance of demonstrating French skills for Quebec immigration

Knowing the French Language Increases your scores.

Claiming additional, comprehensive ranking system (CRS) scores becomes easier for French speakers. It gives an edge to your application by providing extra points, which ultimately increases your chances of receiving an invite to the upcoming Arrima draw. Up to 22 points are awarded to applicants with French skills under the Language Proficiency factor of the Quebec Skilled Migration program. An accompanying spouse or common-law partner can claim up to six verbal French language proficiency points.

Quebec manages immigration applications for skilled workers using Arrima, a free online platform that operates similarly to the Express Entry system.

It helps you find jobs quickly.

Quebec is the only province in Canada where Francophones make up a significant share of the population. Therefore, learning French is critical to broaden your job search in Quebec and integrate well into the community.  Also, there are increased chances of the candidate getting a higher salary than other candidates who can communicate in English but not in French.

Better cultural understanding

Residents of Quebec are very proud of their language and culture. Their customs and traditions are deeply intertwined with the French language and are part of their national identity. Getting the hang of the French language will offer more insights into Quebec’s history and cultural values. It also opens opportunities to connect with people around you and build a strong network of working professionals.

Being a French speaker makes it easier for Quebec employers to hire you. Moreover, you also get support from the provincial community to help you settle and feel at home from the start. For more information, you can connect us at 8595338595 or [email protected]

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