Fresh Investments in Toronto for Immigrant Settlement!

Jason Kenney, the Canadian Minister for Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism has made an announced recently which projected an investment in millions by the government of Canada to aid the immigrants in Ontario and Toronto to integrate into the local culture.

As per Minister Kenney, a fresh investment of over $2 million has been brought about for the better access of services to aid newcomers so that they integrate into the culture successfully. Representatives from many different sectors which also include social service agencies, employers as well as educational institutions would work together to research on the needs of the freshly landed immigrants. This would be looked into with the basic objective of forming a strategy which could better the process of integration.

The Local Immigration Partnership (funded federally) along with the City of Toronto Newcomer Initiative would make it possible for the new migrants in Toronto to have access to additional city services. These services are catered to bettering the social as well as the economic wellbeing. These include workshops pertaining to job search, health and child care, language training, shelters and community recreation centers.

About $428 million are being spent in Ontario by the Government of Canada for 2010-11. This investment is specifically meant for the settlement services for the new migrants.

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