State Migration Plan for Queensland Unveiled!

Is Queensland one of the priority immigration destinations? Well, when it comes to immigrating to Australia, this very state cannot be overlooked, considering the annual number of immigrants it receives. The popular state of Queensland has been one of the main Australian attractions for international migrants who wish to make something significant overseas. You as an interested prospective immigrant to Queensland are worth this piece of information we are brining to here.

According to the Australian immigration minister, the ultimate version of Queensland State Migration Plan has been finalized. For your information, every Australian state, as well as territory boasts a definite State Migration Plan. The plans are basically the agreements between the states/territories and the Australian immigration department which state the exact number of immigrants every state/territory is entitled to welcome and which occupations skilled migrants are thought to be nominated to be employed in a state.

With the execution of the Queensland Migration Plan, the country’s immigration minister hopes to the state government will be able to nominate those skilled migrants who can meet its labor needs. The state’s new migration plan covers a total of eighty three specific occupations in areas of skilled shortage, such as mining engineers and regional health practitioners. One more notable change brought to the Queensland Migration Plan is putting limits to the sponsorship of skilled applicants to the state under the subclasses of subclasses 176 and 886 Skilled Sponsored, as well as the Skilled Regional Sponsored visa programs for the subclasses of 475 and 487.

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