Fresh Migration Points System for Canada Begins

In an important development, Canada Federal Immigration Minister has said that a revised selection grid, which is points-based, will be made available to help those young immigrants who have strong language skills. According to Jason Kenney, the future migrants, in approved vocations, will require to be pre-evaluated, to make certain that they get certification for the same on the soils of the Maple Country, prior to their applications get processed.

At the present, Canada inspired aspirants may avoid the compulsory language requirement, by making an entry, via the Provincial Nominee Program, even as this enables the provinces to choose migrants having offers of job from the local job-providers.

Under the new framework, to be made available somewhere towards the close of 2012, provincial nominees will be subjected to a much raised bar also, as study shows that proficiency in language boosts — both social and economic integration — over a period of time.

Even as the Canadian Federal Government does not plan to require the partners of the candidates, under the Federal Skilled WorkerCategory, to be subjected to the tests involving language, according to Kenney, they would be offered with additional points — provided their mates have the working language of, either English or French language. The minister reportedly continued that a welder, with an offer of job in, say, the Canadian province of Prince George, would not be subjected to the same expectations, involving language skills, as, say, a person wishing to be employed as a physician.

Significantly, plans are also afoot to modify the programs for federal immigration — meant for investors and entrepreneurs — despite the fact that the Canadian minister did not divulge any information on the issue.

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