UK Immigration to Execute Changes, Increase Immigrant Income Point

Come April 2016, and the British Immigration will slap new regulation on the overseas workers arriving to settle in the country, via increasing the threshold of income to £35,000 annually. In this connection, a concerned person from the UK Government was quoted as saying that the changes were being implemented with a view to cutting down on the number of the migrants, and also their family members, who could be from non-European nations.

These fresh rules will apply in the case of those who could be interested to stay in the country, on a permanent basis, in the wake of an employment of five years in the UK. Those who fail to cater to the required conditions will be asked to leave the shores of the nation, after a period of six years. It needs to be mentioned that the British Prime Minister has reportedly emphatically affirmed his desire to decrease the yearly overall migration figures, which, at the present, stand at close to the 250,000 mark.

According to reports, London is busy working with the officials from the British Immigration with a view to decreasing these numbers and bringing it to below 100,000, by 2015 — exactly one year prior to the imposition of the new legislation.

In the backdrop of the recent released data, it is worthwhile mentioning that way back during 1997, fewer than 10,000 migrants and their family members were provided with the much prized settlement status on the soils of the country even by 2010 this had increased remarkably and become 84,000.

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