Further Decline in Australian Immigration!

If the new figures are to be believed, there has been a sharp decline in immigration to Australia. This is a trend which has to be worried about for the Government of Australia. Considering the fact that immigration is important for the growth and development of the nation, this is indeed not good news.

As per the statistics, the total migration to Australia has gone down by more than 38 percent in the last one year till October 2010. The data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics projects that an additional 210,420 more immigrated to Australia than those who actually left the nation in October this year. However, the numbers for the previous year was 324,720 when compared. In the month of October, it was noticed that the total arrivals came to about 15,350 where as it was 23,330 in the previous year to that.

This data has come about when there are concerns about the shortage of skills in the nation. More so, this shortage has come about when there are a number of huge projects on their way in the nation. For instance, one of the biggest projects is the National Broadband Network. Similarly, mining companies have already urged for the need for qualified engineers who could cater to large-scale projects undergoing in the nation.

The constant fall in immigration could partly be blamed on the decreasing number of students coming to Australia for higher education. This decline has been due to stricter criteria for eligibility which has made immigration even more expensive for these international students. Also, most of them are not able to even qualify under these new criteria.

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