UK Student Visa Policies to be Announced

The new immigration rules to be announced would bar many students from the non-European Union nations to come and study in Britain. Of the total migrants who come to the UK, two-thirds of them come on student visas. On the pledge to cut down immigration by about tens of thousands, the British government would now axe the student visa quota. By 2015, the government aims to bring down the numbers from 200,000 to below 100,000. As a start, the bogus colleges and students would be targeted who tend to misuse the system. Also, visas for courses below the degree level would also looked into.

According to Theresa May, the Home Secretary, she said that she would protect the world-class academic institutions and would do nothing that would prevent those students who are coming to UK to pursue higher education. However, she did mention that the government would cut down on the total number of students who are coming to pursue courses below the degree level. This number caters to about half to those who have arrived at present on student visas.

Last year, the number of students coming to UK on student visas and pursuing courses below degree level was about 120,000. So, in order to bring down net immigration, this number would also be reduced. At the same time, more would be done to stop the misuse of this system to reside in the nation.

As per May, there were about 38,000 immigrants who came to UK in 2009 as students. After finishing their education, they started seeking skilled work under the system. So, in the future, only those students would be permitted who would benefit the economy of the nation, leading to further growth. Thus, May wants a measure which is clear so as to control when it comes to those intending to settle in Britain and considers a historic privilege which should not be let gone.

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