Gay Brazilian may face deportation!

Boston: A man from Brazil who was recently re-met with his male spouse who is from Massachusetts, might have to face deportation as Eric Holder (who is the Attorney General) may not antipode an immigration ruling that forced Genesio “Junior” Oliveira, who is aged thirty one, to part from his spouse, Tim Coco (49 years of age) of Haverhill. It means the decision which initially separated the couple won’t be contradicted.

Oliveira came back to the U.S. after he spent three years in his home country Brazil. Reports say that John Kerry (who is the U.S. Senator) had made federal officials agree to grant freedom to Oliveira to go back to Massachusetts on the basis of humanitarian grounds. At present, Oliveira is going through various issues and might be asked to go back to his home country. He is currently facing facets linked with political refugee status.

According to previous press releases, Oliveira went for asylum in the nation in the year 2002. he went on to make claims that he was raped in his home country during his teenage times. But he faced the denial of his request and went on to tie know with Coco in the year 2005. Both of them purchased a home after getting married.

But gay knots are not recognized by the Federal government. Hence, his claim to reside in the nation was denied by the US authorities.

The couple has to wait till the time any official statement is made in their case. But speculations say that Oliveira may face deportation in the next six months.

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