Home Secretary Speaks on Immigration!

Theresa May, the UK Home Secretary on her first immigration speech said that her main aim to bring in more migrants which could be considered as being of high-value. Such immigrants include research scientists and investors. At the same time, she also encouraged British employers to cater to the vacant positions with local workers who are unemployed.

According to May, the UK government wants to keep a check on immigration. This is to be done by emphasizing on all the major areas pertaining to the system of immigration in the nation. In other words, it would simply not focus on just the points-based system. To cater to this plan, in the next few months, focus would be on families, students and settlement along with migrants who are coming to work in the nation.

A statement was brought out by the UK Border Agency where in her priorities include promoting immigration so that more number of investors, entrepreneurs and other businessmen come to the nation, control the constant abuse of the concept via student visas and breaking the connection between temporary migration and permanent immigration settlements.

In order to ensure that more entrepreneurs walk into the nation, the government has recently announced a new business visa. The speech was concluded by mentioned the cap on immigration. That total numbers would be reduced by tens of thousands by the end of the Parliamentary term.

She also stated that this would not be easy and a lot of hard work needs to be done. More so, a lot of political courage is required for the same. At the same, this is what the local citizens want and is the apt thing to be done, so the government would do it.

Above all, keeping the Home Secretary’s speech in place, it would be apt to apply for immigration now itself when the cap has not been imposed. To know more, contact an immigration and visa expert who deals with UK immigration. He would be the right professional to guide you accordingly regarding the procedure.

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