Opposition Demands Stoppage to Asylum Seekers!

Australia: The opposition is demanding high action from the Federal government asking them to take action to stop the increasing number of asylum seekers entering the country every moment.

The coalition is of the view that if the government really wants to curb down the number of boat people, they need to do more than just offering them incentives to go home.

Earlier it was announced by Immigration Minister Chris Bowen that asylum seekers would be given financial aid so that they can go back to their home countries. In addition to this, they would be given in-kind assistance to return back. He went on to say that the asylum seekers intending to go back to other nations might have limited assets and less support networks. Therefore, this aid would assist them in go for job training or start up their on business or look out for placement options.

The assistance would minimize the risk of having unsustainable return back to their countries. The assistance would be given by the International Organization for Migration (IOM). The organization will also remain in close contact with all these asylum seekers after they will return back so that the effectiveness of this assistance aid could be known.

But opposition has their own complaints and demands from the Federal government. Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison said that one of the main reasons of having detention crisis is the incapability to implement a returns policy or repatriation strategy.

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