Germany to Make Immigrant Skills Recognition Easier!

In an attempt to make the easier for the Germany to attract overseas people to fill critical shortages in its labor market, the country is making it simpler for foreign workers to have their overseas qualifications recognized in Germany. Reportedly, about 300,000 foreign nationals living in Germany are not able to pursue their professions, since their qualifications are not recognized.

The German government is planning to implement a law by this year which will be instrumental in fast tracking verification of foreign peoples’ qualifications. The new legislation will facilitate people who have acquired education in foreign land to have their qualifications evaluated in Germany.

Hundreds of foreign-educated immigrants trained in fields like medicine and engineering but they are engaged in lesser-skilled jobs just because their qualifications have not been recognized. As per the stats of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Germany, the country has been facing shortages of 400,000 efficient workers. They country expects to attract foreign nationals to fill these job roles that have been facing ongoing shortages with the help of the simpler recognition plan.

The Economy Minister of Germany was also caught saying in a recent interview that they should boast a immigration system based on points similar to programs that exist in many other countries, like United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. A points-based system has proved to be successful and effective for these nations.

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