Visa Denials on Rise in Australia!

According to a new set of statistics brought out, there has been a significant rise in the number of Australian visas that have been refused due to fears pertaining to security. These stats have been brought out by the Australian Intelligence Agency (ASIO). The data projects the rejection of nineteen Australian visas for reasons pertaining to national security. This data projects the trend that was seen in the last financial year.

Of the nineteen, fourteen were denied on grounds of counter-terrorism and another five were rejected on charges of espionage or reasons pertaining to foreign interference. These figures were part of the report for 2009 – 10 released by ASIO.

As per the report, there has been a rising concern for the increasing number of potential terrorists who were being homegrown. There has an increase in the local people who are seeking to travel abroad for the purpose related to terrorism.

Also, the report mentioned that about eight Australian passports were rejected because of the tough assessments pertaining to security. However, last year, there were no cancellations in this regard. According to David Irvine, the Director-General of ASIO, about hundreds of possible terror threats are being investigated as of now.

On the other hand, the number of visa applications has already seen a fall in the previous thanks to the racial attacks which were witnessed by many foreign nationals residing in Australia. Adding these to the above, the number would consistently go down. If the current trend continues, it would surely impact the economy of the nation.

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