Secret Trade Agreement to be Signed between India and EU!

It seems that the European Union is changing its immigration policies which would permit more migrants from India to settle in European nations. According to a news report, a secret agreement has been drawn between the European Union and the Government of India. If this agreement is brought in place, there would be numerous employment opportunities to a vast majority of immigrants from India and other foreign specialists, mainly from Britain.

This agreement is being chalked by Brussels. It would permit all the skilled migrants from India such as the IT professionals, managers and engineers to transfer to UK and other nations in the European Union. In return, all the firms in the west can have access to India.

All the professionals from India can obtain visas to UK for a period of three years. However, they cannot acquire a permanent citizenship to the nation. As of now, it is being expected for this deal to be signed next summer.

Migrationwatch UK which is a think tank has pressed the government to reveal the inside aspects and come clean on the issue. According to Sir Andrew Green, the Chief for Migrationwatch, limiting economic migration would be of no use if professionals from India are omitted with a separate agreement for them in place.

On the other hand, the present coalition government led by David is adamant that this deal is worth hundreds of millions of pounds for additional business to firms in Britain. According to a spokesman, this would be an advantage for the EU India Free Trade Agreement when it comes to businesses trading with India. However, it would be ensured that this does not hamper in limiting the total immigration which has been committed by the government.

If recalled sometime back, it was vowed by David Cameron, the British Prime Minister to cut down on the total migration by tens of thousands from the earlier 200, 000.

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