Citizenship Delayed With the Rise in Canadian Applications!

Canada: According to reports, immigrants are facing a waiting period of 15 to 19 months to get the approval for their Canadian citizenship applications. This is due to the fact that the CIC office in Sydney which caters to these applications is finding it hard to cope up with the hiked demand.

According to CIC operations manager Paul Snow, it has been confirmed that it is a matter of ample resources that are required to process these applications that are received by the office. The problem is that the department has limited amount of resources but when it comes to an increased number of applications, the area needs to be worked upon.

Snow went on to say that the number of applications have hiked by a huge limit since the year 2009. It started when changes were witnessed in the Immigration Act. Earlier, all those applicants who were failing to fulfill their eligibility criteria are now finding it easier to qualify for the same. Hence, the department is facing problems to cater to the applications.

In addition to this, thousands and thousands of applications for PR Cards are due for renewal, and the same responsibility is handled by the CIC office in Sydney.

According to Edward Chung, president of the Korean Association of P.E.I., it is usual routine to face the processing of applications and therefore, the procedure should take a lot of time. He gave his example saying that only four months were taken when he applied for the same almost thirty years ago. He went on to say that more working staff should be hired when it comes to handling thousands of immigration applications coming in the office every year.

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