Iraqi Refugee Program Extended By Canada!

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has confirmed that the Iraqi Refugee program would see an extension, a step which would assist Iraqis refugees who are absconding the sectarian violence flourishing in their home country and establishing their base in Canada. The same violence flourished in the year 2003 when the country faced invasions from the United States.

The minister went on to say that by far almost twelve thousand refugees have been granted entry in Canada since the year 2009. Till now, this program has proved to be the largest Iraqi-refugee resettlement program as compared to all the nations on this globe. When it comes to accepting Iraqis, Canada is only second to the United States.

The country has pledged to resettle 2,500 refugees per annum as far as its private-sponsorship program is concerned.

The extension of this program has been made till the year 2013. The minister said that the country is sensitive to the current refugee crisis which is applauded as one of the biggest problems by the UN.

The minister also said that he has had talks with refugees who have seen brutal circumstances like rape of their near ones and their deaths in front of their eyes over the matter of religious issues. Here the talks are going about people who have faced terrible usually sectarian violence.

Hence, courtesy the extension which has been done in the program, 8,600 additional refugees are taken into the country, taking the count to twenty thousand.

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