Get Involved With Canada Express Migration Process!

Canada Express Migration Process

Do you know that the Canada Express Migration is a new system, for the management of the immigration applications, submitted for different economic programmes of the country which are inclusive of the Canadian Experience Class, the Federal Skilled Worker, and the Federal Skilled Trades? If YES, check this article! If NO, still check this article!

It is a condition to meet the eligibility criteria for one of these immigration programmes. The system is considered to be the fastest option for moving to the hotspot. The immigration programme can be used online. It plays an integral role in making the immigration procedure highly effective. Numerous Permanent Residence (PR) applications submitted under the system are processed within or less than just six months.

Canada Express Migration Process
Canada Express Migration Process

For assessing the eligibility of a candidate, for the process of Express Entry, it is necessary that the applicants create an online profile first comprising all the credentials. After the creation of the profile and its acceptance into the programme, it is put in a pool along with several other profiles of other candidates.

The Provincial Nominee Programmes (PNPs) along with potential employers will be able to compare these applications. If a Canada PNP or eligible employer chooses a candidate from the Express Entry Pool, he will get 200 CRS points for the qualifying job offer or 600 CRS points for the provincial nomination. There is also official Express Entry draws where top candidates are offered the ITAs or the Invitations to Apply for the PR status in the nation.

For participating in the Express Entry immigration system, you have to fulfil the Express Entry conditions which are inclusive of the requirements of the economic immigration programme of the nation. In case a candidate is not successful in meeting the eligibility conditions of Express Entry, he will be rejected in the pool of candidates.

No cap has been put on the number of the prospective immigrants who can submit the applications under Express Entry. This will lead to a wide variety of experience, occupations, and qualifications for provinces and employers to select from for filling the labour market shortages.

This also indicates that the pool comprises of all the applicants with experiences of skills of high quality instead of just those candidates who have submitted the applications before the deadline. The number of people who will be conferred the ITAs for the PR status will be subjected to Annual Immigration Levels Plan that will set out a wide range of admissions for the programme.

Generally, the requirements in labour market will determine the number of the successful applicants for the system, for a job offer. LMIA or the Labour Market Impact Assessment will give additional points to the applicants and this will help them get enough higher rankings, for qualifying for the ITAs. This also indicates that if there is any shortage in the job market of the Maple Leaf Country, it can be addressed in no time.

As mentioned before, the time period for processing the Canada Express Migration PR petitions is just six months. It indicates that the applicants will be capable of entering the job market and contribute to the Canadian economy within a shorter period of time.

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