Get Canada Permanent Residency Via Alberta Provincial Route!

Do you know that while exploring the existing chances to shift to Canada, the federal immigration option may not be at all times as friendly as one may like to believe? However, on the provincial stage, opportunities may swell dramatically and periodically. At the moment, Alberta is offering these chances.

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Alberta is the 4th biggest populated Canadian province, even as it boasts of one of the most impressive economies across the nation flourishing on its booming petroleum & technology industry. Employment in the region is achievable via 4 schemes, namely, the Employer-Driven Class, the Strategic Recruitment Class, the Family Class, & the Self-Employment Farmer Class. For some of given categories, the province is giving the opportunity to get residency in the nation.

As a component of the Employer-Driven Class, the employees from the food services industry are being given the chance to be duly offered nomination for overseas movement on the federal stage. Till November 28, this year, the recruiters of Alberta, with qualified manpower, can offer nomination to 20% or one-fifth of their whole labor force for each restaurant location, for the Permanent Residency (PR) of Canada. In the parallel class, graduates from a Canadian educational institution can presently do a job in the province and be duly offered nomination for immigration on the federal level, minus a recruiter-supported petition.

The worker should possess a legal post-graduation work permit; his profession should be regarded either trained or semi-trained; and his official document, diploma, degree or graduate-level degree must be gained from a publically supported community college, trade/technical school, or university in the province, or a new Canadian province, or from a private Alberta-based educational establishment duly approved by the province to offer degrees.

Aside from post-graduate workers, some work permit holders, via the Strategic Recruitment Category, are currently entitled for federal immigration. The same applies to those who are working in most qualified & semi-qualified professions. For certain low-qualified manpower, a restricted figure of submissions will be entertained until November 28.

To do a job in the province, and be qualified to one of the nomination schemes, the aspirants may file a petition for the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) expressing first choice for the province. With a view to make the cut for the 2013 FSWP, the candidates, minus a Canadian job offer or PHD should possess 1 year of employment experience in one of 24 entitled vocations in the last decade; prove acceptable language skills, via a test for language; and get 67 points on the selection grid for the FSWP. Professions on the FSWP have an upper limit and could not be up for grabs presently.

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