US Prohibited Immigration on the Increase

As per a new study, the figure of unlawful migrants residing in the US has been heading north of late even as the same may inspire the Congressional challengers of immigration improvement to make their stand against immigration bills much more rigid in the national capital this autumn. The study adds that since 2009 the figure of the banned aliens in the nation has swelled by 400,000. During the said year, 2009, 11.3 million persons were reportedly residing unlawfully in the country.

For the past couple of years, the study has shown that the figure of banned residents in the US has been nose-diving somewhat maybe courtesy the economic meltdown which hit the nation during 2008. However, the number is now heading north once more. Allegedly, with the depression ending, the reduction in unlawful immigration has also come to an end.

Immigration rise will influence US immigration reorganization

The same is bound to impact the possibilities of the involved act being duly sanctioned by the US House of Representatives this autumn. Prepared by the famous Gang of Eight, the bill has allegedly been tailored to improve the nation’s broken immigration system.

While political commentators of all kinds have reportedly claimed that the nation’s immigration structure is ‘broken’, businesses grumble that they cannot gain the trained manpower that they require. For instance, there is a cap on the figure of the H-1B ‘specialty occupation’ provisional work permits which may be offered in a year. At the present, just 65,000 H-1B permit may be offered to those having Bachelor’s Degrees & an additional 20,000 to those having advanced degrees.

Green Cards candidates can wait for over a decade

Besides, it may consume as many as 10 years for some aspirants for the work based Permanent Resident Permits (called Green Cards) to obtain their permits (in the meanwhile, they may renew their H-1B Permits). However, widespread fears exist that it’s making the nation a comparatively less appealing immigration hotspot for aliens who could opt to other countries at the cost of the US.

There’s also another question as to what ought to be suitably done to the 11 million persons staying unlawfully in the country. While some, more so the Republicans, opine that such people must be apprehended and exiled, others claim that they should be in a position to get onto a passageway towards a Green Card, and maybe, finally citizenship.

During the earlier presidential election campaign, the incumbent president had pledged to improve every feature of the US immigration structure, in case he was sent back to office again. Post his re-election, he has backed a bill prepared by 8 senators even as the same would allegedly bring-in all-inclusive reorganization.

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