Get PR to Canada from India! Know What Options Are Available!

Get PR to Canada from India

There are numerous overseas destinations that attract the would-be migrants from the different parts of the world, including India. Some top global economies–such as the US, Australia, the UK, Singapore, and Canada– inspire the aspirants the most.
Talking of Canada, most Indian would-be migrants prefer this nation for the object of immigration even as it has always attracted them with its prized and the much sought after Permanent Residency (PR), and of course citizenship.

As compared to the latter, the former is not difficult to get hold of provided one fulfills the various requirements as fixed by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and its subsidiaries.PR to Canada from India

The Maple Leaf Country’s amazingly high standard of living, cultural diversity, endless & rewarding working opportunities, and highly flexible immigration policies entice many people to apply for its PR. Safety and old age benefits add fuel to the fire of migration and further motivate the candidates.

The gateways to the Maple Leaf Country open up with the points based immigration programmes, i.e. Express Entry System, Provincial Nominee Programme, Quebec Skilled Worker Programme, etc.

PR to Canada from India

The applicants have numerous good and easy-to-follow visa options. PR to Canada from India can be acquired through the following pathways-

1. Skilled Immigrant Programme (Express Entry): This gateway is quite promising for the Indian aspirants as it facilitates easy and convenient migration on the basis of skills that the person possesses. For all those hopeful Indian migrants, their profile is assessed on the following factors

a) – Age
c) – Work experience
d)-language skills
e) Other factors.

Express Entry that came into force on January 1, 2015 offers a very promising future to the hopeful migrants. According to this gateway, the candidates need to submit an application with their skills. Their application is placed in the talent pool from where they are cherry-picked by the different Canadian employers or job-providers and not-to-mention the concerned government authorities.

It usually takes around six months for the procession of the application even as one of the most beneficial features is that it has no expiry date. Applicants can present an application whenever they wish to as per their convenience.

Moreover, this swift entry lays red-carpet for the Federal Skilled Workers (for the aspirants possessing skilled professional work experience), Federal Skilled Trades Programme (for the wishful migrants who possess enough experience in skilled manual work), and Canadian Experience Class (For those with professional work experience.)

2. Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP): This wonderful gateway is wide open for all those hopeful Indians who have received nominations from any province or territory in the Maple Leaf Country.

3. Self Employed Programme: Those who have the relevant experience in the field that would contribute to the economy of the Maple Leaf Country can select this wonderful pathway for the object of immigration. The aspirants will be selected on the grounds of age, work experience, education, language abilities and adaptability along with medical and character certificate.

4. Quebec Skilled Workers Programme (QSWP): This is another pathway to grab PR to Canada from India. All candidates from Indian, who wish to reside in Montreal or any other city within the province of Quebec, can choose this route to settle over there.

5. Sponsorship Programmes: There are many relatives and family members of the Indian families residing in Canada. They can sponsor their near and dear ones through this pathway and invite them to make their life in the widely visited overseas hotspot. Under this specific scheme, there is partner sponsorship, parent and grandparent sponsorship, dependent child sponsorship, and provincial family class sponsorship.

6. Startup or Entrepreneur Visa: All hopeful Indians who possess the extraordinary talent of adding to the economy of the nation can move forward using this path. This visa helps them settle in the country provided they can create jobs for the local residents.

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