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Hong Kong is one of the major tourist destinations. It proffers endless opportunities not only to its citizens but also to immigrants from all across the globe. The prosperous city-state gives a red-carpet welcome to the people of almost every country, except some.

This Special Administrative Region (SAR) of the People’s Republic of China has one of the most liberal immigration policies and attracts skilled workers, professionals and entrepreneurs who want to live and work on its soils, and contribute towards the growth of its national economy.

Courtesy numerous compelling reasons, the country has become a rather hot immigration destination, and every prospective immigrant who thinks of immigration, perhaps thinks of Hong Kong first. In case you are one of those future immigrants–who dreams of Hong Kong immigration–then you need to follow certain guidelines.

Generally, if a person has the right to land or the right of abode in HK, he requires an Entry Visa or a permit to study, establish or join a business venture, work, become permanent or non-permanent resident. Each applicant is duly evaluated on the basis of his personal and professional merits.

Generally, a potential immigrant is expected to meet minimum immigration criteria, i.e., valid travel documents. Besides, he must not hold a criminal background and should not be a threat to the country in any manner whatsoever. He must also meet the required eligibility criteria under the desired category even while the guidelines under each category are subject to change without any prior notice, so one needs to be quite alert and well updated.

Guidelines for those who dream of Hong Kong Immigration and are on a look out for easy entry

Short Visit or Transit Visa

An applicant, for a short visit or an entry visa, will only be considered if his intentions are genuine, and he has enough funds to cover his stay without working in the widely preferred immigration destination. In case of transit visa, the applicant must have an onward valid ticket for the final destination, unless the final destination is Macao SAR or the Mainland (China).

Study Visa/Permit

An applicant is eligible if:

  1. He has got an admission in private school or has been accepted in post secondary college.
  2. He has been accepted for the post-secondary programme that may include short-term course or part-time programme.
  3. He is accepted for a regular full time local programmes for a maximum duration of six months.
  4. He is accepted for a exchange full-time local or non-local programme for a maximum duration of one year.

Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS)

  1. The candidate must be of 18 years or above at the time of submitting an application.
  2. He should not have a criminal record neither should be a threat to the nation.
  3. He must be self-sufficient to support himself and his family members while he is in the country.
  4. He must be fluent in either of the following languages, namely, Putonghua or Cantonese (Chinese) or English.
  5. He must have an excellent academic background.

Working Holiday Scheme

It is legally valid for ten countries. The applicant must:

  1. Be from the age group of 18 – 30.
  2. Hold a valid passport of his native country.
  3. Have the sole intention of spending some good time in HK.
  4. Possess a valid return ticket and enough fund to support his stay in the country.

The general guidelines for an easy entry in Hong Kong (Immigration) are subject to change and are not bounded by any prior notice. Hence, it is essential that the candidates keep their eyes wide open and not be caught on the back foot. Keeping in touch with a few reputed immigration advisors–dealing Hong Kong immigration–is recommended, and so is recommended regularly looking at the official website(s) of the Hong Kong immigration and visa authorities.

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