People of Denmark are Immigrants or Descendants of Immigrants

Geographically, the beautiful Nordic country of Denmark is located in the Northern Europe. It has a rich history and a vibrant culture that has Sweden in the south west, Norway in South bordered with Germany. For those who are looking for an opportunity to settle in Europe, Denmark may work as an easy entry though Denmark has strict immigration policies.

In early days, immigration to the nation was not an easy affair. People left their native country with the hope of better future, but with a blink of uncertainty and no assurance that they will get to see their loved ones again. Financial shortage was, by and large, a major reason why people relocated to the beautiful Nordic country.

Denmark is a Scandinavian country. Officially known as the ‘United Kingdom of Denmark’, in the cross national studies of happiness, it has time and again been ranked as the ‘happiest country in the world’, thanks to its blooming economy, high standard of living, etc.

The immigration hotspot has a relatively homogeneous population. Though a large number of people have immigrated to the nation, a considerable larger population has immigrated from neighboring Nordic or western countries. As a result, it was more of emigration and less of immigration. Today, a large number of people of Denmark are immigrants or descendants of immigrants.

According to records, immigrants or one may say descendants of immigrants consist of 16% of the nation’s total population which increases every year. This makes the Danish region one of the highest receivers of aliens–both of western and non-western.

Looking at the immigration rate, one may easily say that people of Denmark are immigrants or descendants of immigrants. According to old records, the nation had around 580,461 immigrants that include descendants as well. It was estimated that two out of every three such persons was from a non-western country and the third was from a neighboring western country.

Given the fact that the country is exposed at international platform, people find it just perfect to start a new life, thanks to its growing economy. In the last two decades or so, Denmark has become a hub of many industrial sectors.

Post 11 September, Denmark reformed its immigration policies and made them more stringent assuring no anti-national people gain entry. But, despite this, immigration continues to take place and in most of the cases immigrants immigrate with their family members who are later counted among the residents and grow up to be the descendants of immigrants.

For those who have just required education, skills, attitude to complement and contribute towards its growing economy, Denmark has endless opportunities even as its doors are wide open for them and their descendants.

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