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Good tidings for Indians, as UK plans to introduce a point based immigration system

This Wednesday, the UK’s British Indian home secretary Priti Patel, launched a point based immigration system which is aimed at inviting to the UK the best and the brightest minds around the world. This transition commencing from January, 1, 2021 will empower science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) students and professionals belonging from India and China to get a swifter permanent residence permit in the UK.

The UK point based immigration system will be in accordance with that of Australia immigration, Canada immigration and New Zealand immigration, that similarly grant points based on the factors of particular skills, professions, salaries, qualifications and age profiles of highly skilled overseas professionals looking out to get their UK permanent residency. It is now celebration time for Indian professionals and students in the United Kingdom.

What more, this UK immigration system will equally treat both EU and non EU citizens. A minimum of 70 points will be required to be eligible for UK Permanent Residency (PR). Ravi Lochan Singh, MD of Global Reach, an education and immigration consultancy was quoted stating “A points based system modelled on Australian, Canadian and New Zealand’s systems will help Indian students going to study in UK make suitable career choices.”

“Students will get guidance to opt for courses related to professions facing skill shortage. This would help students get jobs faster and earn an adequate income while waiting for permanent residency”

This UK points based immigration system is a welcome respite for students who have gone to UK for higher studies and are further looking there for employment opportunities. The proposed alterations to the UK rules of immigration will reiterate their fundamental policy to encourage and promote the influx of qualified and skilled professional talent, who will not be an added burden in terms of public benefits as spoken correctly by Ranjit Malhotra, a Chandigarh based lawyer who holds an expertise in private international law.

Under this new UK points based system priority will be given to scientists, innovators and academics. For overseas students the newly introduced graduate route will provide a choice to reside in UK for 3 years post their students and simultaneously seek employment.

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