professionals choose canada for better life

With a broken American Dream, professionals choose Canada for better life

Dreams and expectations have a very dark flipside of disappointment and despair. Once in a lifetime, we always come across of some of the heart-breaking stories of the aspiring immigrants. US Immigration is one of the most desired pathways and one of most strenuous pathways at the same time. Many people have lost their money, time, youth, even lives in the process of the migrating to United States. Even now, many professionals aspire to realize the ‘Great American Dream’ but most of them wait in vain for decades to obtain US permanent residency.

As time passed by, many people have adapted with the changing trends and many Indian families have found their home in Canada. The country offers smooth and easy immigration process, better career opportunities, public funded healthcare and education, low cost of living and high standard of lifestyle.

Some hard-hitting stories of US Immigration

These stories recounts the devastating effects on US visa holding Indian immigrants that caused by Trump’s work Visa Ban and long waiting period for green card:

Indian-born software architect, Narendra Singh, who has lived in Dallas for nine years, has returned to Kolkata, India with his family in Feb 2020. Mr. Singh is now working remotely in India, while his wife lost her US job in April. Meanwhile, their daughter, was supposed to start her schooling toward the end of 2020 in US which seems to be distant at this point of time.

39-year-old Mili Widhani Khatter has lived in the US for the past 12 years with her husband and US-born children. She travelled back to Delhi, to say her final farewells to her dying mother but she has been stuck in India ever since and has not seen her family in four months. She said, “This is the worst punishment you can give a mom”.

Dinesh Dasari, a native of Hyderabad, who moved to Maryland under his H-1B visa recounts, “I went through at least six H-1B visa extensions since I joined my work. I was living in constant stress and extreme pressure”. His career had stagnated because of the delay in getting a green card which made it difficult to switch jobs.

Some success stories of the immigrants who found their home in Canada

With a 7% cap on Indians for issuing a green card every year, any professionals are seeking home and solace in Canada Immigration:

Girish Chavan is one those immigrants who bid U.S. and settled in Canada for better opportunity. He moved out of Pittsburgh after 18 years and shifted to Toronto in July 2020 due to rejection of his green card application. He found Canadian application process was a stark contrast in terms of ease wherein there was an open line of communication with authorities which was missing with the US Immigration Authorities. Since their move to Canada, the duo is happy and satisfied having received a warm welcome and the freedom to choose their work.

Amarjeet Kaur was 35 when she moved to Canada with her husband Simrandeep Singh with a desire to have better employment opportunities and better education for their only child Karandeep. Her husband’s business was affected drastically during the economic slowdown and she lost her job in New York. They found it better to move to Toronto where Canadian Economic Policies would safeguard their dreams and aspirations.

Among thousands of IT professionals moving to Canada from U.S. was Mr. Sumit Sagar who is a Software Developer by professional. His H1-B visa extension was refused by the authorities and he quickly made his move to Canada. He joined a tech company based in Vancouver with a handsome salary securing his future in the country with no fear of deportation or refusal.

All these stories are revelation of the human struggle and hardship on their way towards success. Many Indians have succeeded in securing safe passage to Canada by ditching the hardships in United States. If you have the required skills, Canada will welcome you with open arms!!

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