Gordon Brown Speaks On UK Immigration Measures!

Gordon Brown, the UK Prime Minister had to say a lot about the nations’ immigration measures in his recent speech in Shoreditch, East London. According to him, proper and higher level training for the British nationals can help overcome the shortages of skilled people in the UK, which eventually would reduce the nation’s reliance on immigration of international skills.

The Prime Minister said that there is no space for unskilled workers in the nation from outside the European Union. Unskilled workers would no more permitted to enter the UK under the Point-based system. Along, he passed his green signal to the dependents and relatives of international migrants of the Point-based system to work in the nation freely.

According to Gordon Brown, by 2012, the Tier 2 visa shortage occupation list will see the elimination of the ‘Chef’ occupation. In addition, the ‘Care Worker’ occupation will also be wiped out from the list in 2014. However, the government is likely to review the policies once again, as they seem to affect their respective sectors- Health Care and Restaurants in the UK.

As part of the speech, the Prime Minister also delivered facts about the asylum claims. The inward migration figures were gradually down over the recent years. The net inward migration considerably went down in 2009, as compared to 2007!

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