Canadian Amendments in Immigration Policies!

Canadian skilled immigration would now require certain prerequisites to qualify for the same. The former has come up with certain changes in the immigration policy that applicants now would have to keep in mind certain aspects before applying for the immigration.

The amendments are done to the procedure for determining proficiency in the English and French language ability, commencing from 10 April 2010 onwards. You can still go for a test like IELTS or submit a written submission, but only a native English or French speaker has the freedom to submit the written documents, that too only ONCE! This means NO RE-TESTS!

Also, if the applicants fail to fulfill the mandates linked with language requirements at the first go, then get ready for an application denial.

Therefore, non-natives English and French people are best advised to go for an independent language proficiency test (like IELTS) if you want that everything should commence in a smooth manner.

The changes are likely to be seen as making the immigration rules further stringent for the applicants intending to make Canada as their prospective country to immigrate.

Stay tuned to know about further amendments in the “Canadian Occupation list” which would be implemented from May1 onwards. Ask an expert Immigration guide whether you qualify for the Canadian immigration or not, and then apply for the immigration, before the rules change any further.

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