New UK Immigration Rule for Intra Company Transfers Employees!

Along the announcement of UK General Elections to be held on May 6, there came a few new immigration rules into force in the United Kingdom. The government made the announcement of changes to the Tier 1 and Tier 2 of the Point-based immigration system. All these changes are in effect since April 6, 2010.

The new rules include- firstly, the UK Tier 1 category, which is for highly-skilled workers is now open to graduates, not necessarily only for people with master’s degree, as opposed to earlier; and secondly, people who are being transferred to the UK under the Intra Company Transfers rule would not be allowed to settle in the nation.

Regarding the last rule, many people are caught furious on the UK government. The fact that despite overseas workers serving the UK economy and paying taxes, they would not be allowed to settle in the UK is disappointing many people. People think that this is sure an unfair decision of the government on the overseas workers’ part. Some has to say that the change has nothing to do the economy, but more likely with the UK government’s political motives. But, the exact reason is yet to be revealed.

Intra Company Transfers comes under the Tier 2 category of the Points-based immigration system. Basically, this sub-category allows overseas skilled employees of an international corporation (that have their presence in many countries) to work at its UK branch on being transferred. In order to be able to immigrate under this category, an applicant has to score the appropriate number of points.

Other requirements include- the applicant must possess the adequate qualifications and must have the ability to support himself/herself and his/her dependents financially. However, unlike other Tier 2 sub categories, applicants under Intra Company Transfers are not necessarily required to earn points for English language proficiency at the time of filing application.

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