Government Clarifies New Changes to the Australian Visa Program!

The immigration minister of Australia went on to reduce the overseas students’ fears about visas, as a new legislature was being put forward pertaining to the Australian visa program. Reportedly, overseas students in Australia were planning to organize more rallies in order to protest against having limit on international student numbers.

The immigration minister has responded to the comments made by many education providers of late. Education providers are concerned about the cap, which the government is intending to have on international students. They presume that having a cap would hurt the nation’s education industry that generates almost $18 million of the nation’s economy. The cap will end up with lesser number of applications form international students to Australia, while there would be a rise in the number of applications to the United States and United Kingdom.

To all these presumptions, Chris Evans has to clarify that all education providers and universities which offer quality education would continue to get the international students, but the legislation is put forward only for the purpose of making immigration department execute the skilled migration program properly. It would also facilitate the nation in targeting the skills it requires.

The soon-to-be passed Bill is likely to allow the nation’s Department of Immigration and Citizenship to have cap or probably, give an end to some visa sub-classes, as well as applicant categories. However, the government has assured that it has no plans to have cap or discontinue any visa class as of now!

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