Gathering Financial Docs for Canada!

Intending to move to Canada? One of the most essential facets which one must know is the aspect of financial funds that one requires to show in the process of immigrating to Canada. Hence, it is mandatory for the principal applicant to keep a record of certain things and documents to show during the visa application process.

“Proof of Settlement Funds” forms one of the main documents that are essential to submit while making visa application to Canada. It helps you to prove that you are decked with ample financial funds for the purpose of Immigrating to Canada and settle down there.

Ask your Immigration consultant as to how many funds are required by you to apply for your desired visa. The funds may vary depending upon your case study and the number of people you are taking with you. Here is a list of documents that you must always keep handy with you:

  • Statement for Bank: Bank Clarification Letter
  • Bank slips and proof of your transactions from bank
  • Time Deposit Statement
  • Saving balance

In addition, it is essential that you deck the right documents with your application form. Attaching the wrong documents might not work in your favor. An Immigration expert would guide you aptly s to which paper work to attack and which to don’t, in order to go for a hassle free process. Failing to fulfill the criteria, there are chances that your application would be barred from going a step further.

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