Protests against US immigration fee hikes!

Critics believe that hiking the US Immigration fee would give a wring impression to the immigrants that they are not demanded by the country.

So many people, including the immigration lawyers are protesting against the hike in the immigration fees stating that the move might not turn right for the future immigrants. The increase in fee has been proposed by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The immigration advocates are opposing it and have come out in disapproval of the same in huge numbers.

Reports say that the US Immigration is intending to hike the fees for gaining permanent residency by a margin of $50. In addition to this hike, the cost of Biometric fingerprinting will also accelerate by $5. Earlier the fee was $80 and now it has reached to $85. There are other departments too which would witness a hike in the Immigration fee.

Those who are intending to get a temporary residence US Visa would face a hike in the fee as the same would go from 420 dollars to $1,030. This section of visa has seen a extreme increase in the process.

People believe that it is becoming a de facto mandatory requirement if an applicant wants to have benefits from the immigration system.

Reports believe that the immigration advocates would be taking benefit of 45-day public comment period in order to oppose against the hike in the immigration fee.

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