Government Warns Judges Not To Delay Deportation Flight!

Government lawyers have cautioned the judges of high court that they would not given the freedom to go for the last minute changes to cause any adjournment or discontinuation to a deportation flight to Baghdad which is due to leave UK.

Treasury Solicitor’s Department letter states that there are huge finances and complexities which are decked in making arrangements for charted flights. Hence, it becomes necessary not to make any amendments in the schedule or cause delays by claims from detainees who are due for deportation and the ones which ask for judicial reviews. Andrea McMahon of the department has stated these statements. The letter also ordered to facilitate the schedule of the flight which is only second of its nature heading towards Baghdad.

Critics believe that the letter does not portray an apt image as it is indirectly asking the lawyers of the high court as to how they should perform their duties.

McMahan has also told the judges that those people who are facing deportation have already been acquainted that only a full-scale injunction would be responsible for blocking their removals. She went on to add that UKBA has no believe in the fact that late applications for judicial reviews can be done for good reasons.

She went on to say that with all due respect, it is being called for the duty judges to take all above aspects into consideration, especially while looking into the applications which are made for injunctions to avert the removal of people who are expected to be returned on the concerned flight.

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